Ōtepoti Blues Sessions

A day of blues dance workshops for all levels of dancer to level up your Blues dancing in an emmersive, fun environment.

Swing Riot was excited to be able invite new and experienced dancers to attend a whole day of workshops. We are hoping to do a 'volume 2' in the future so keep your eyes peeled.

What is blues dance?
Blues dance developed alongside the music and is as varied in its style and tempo as the music is. It has its roots in African-American dance, which itself is rooted in sub-Saharan African music traditions and the historical dances brought to the United States by European immigrants. Blues dances as a genre has an athletic and grounded body posture and movement, characterized by the weight being held on the balls of the feet, the knees bent, the hips pushed back, and the chest forward. It is steeped in improvisation between dancers and on their own movements, pushing and pulling creating a sense of tension both in the body and the body moving through space, while remaining loose and relaxed.