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New Zealand's Southern-most Vintage Swing era dance community

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Swing riot Dunedin is known for its warm welcome and outrageous enthusiasm.

So whether you've been dancing all your life or you just want to try something new this is the place for you!


Covid-19 Vaccinations are now required

Covid-19 and our community.

We won't be having classes during this time as we feel we can't keep our community safe and do close contact dancing at the same time.

While we are at Orange for the Covid-19 protection framework and we can run classes, Swing Riot doesn't feel it SHOULD at this time.

When we do resume, vaccine passports will still be required at all events and classes until these are phased out entirely and contact tracing will remain in place.

This has been a disappointing time for us all and we hope to see you all at an event or class in the coming years.

A wonderful weekend of dance was had recently at the South Island Swing Dance Championships 2020. An event put on by Swing Riot Dunedin with attendees from all over the country. You can check out all the photos from the event on our facebook page by clicking the button below.

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