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Swing riot Dunedin is known for its warm welcome and outrageous enthusiasm.

So whether you've been dancing all your life or you just want to try something new this is the place for you!


Dunedin Swing Festival 2024

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Sunday Social Swing Out

SUNDAY 28TH JULY | ST THOMAS' HALL | 3:30 - 5:30

A family-friendly community social dance at St Thomas' Hall in Pine Hill. You are more than welcome to bring your whānau, and young children are particularly welcome if they would also like to dance to the hot swinging tunes of our resident DJ.

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Dunedin Swing Festival just celebrated its 10th birthday and boy, did they do it in style! The team brought over an incredible line up of international teachers (Michael & Evita, Shob & Andy, Julia and John) and hoested events in some of Dunedin's swankiest venues, including the Glenroy Auditorium. We hope everyone who attended had a fabulous time.

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Community guidelines

The foundation of our community is built on all of us respecting every individual and the unique dynamic that they bring to our group. We take community wellbeing seriously and ask that you do too.

Take a moment to look over our Code of Conduct.