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Swing riot Dunedin is known for its warm welcome and outrageous enthusiasm.

So whether you've been dancing all your life or you just want to try something new this is the place for you!


Covid-19 Vaccinations are now required

We are now at RED for the Covid-19 protection framework.

This means we won't be having classes during this time as we can't keep the 1m distancing that is required when partner dancing.

Beyond Red, the Swing Riot committee have decided that vaccine passports will be required to attend any of our events or classes.

With vaccine passports mandatory, we will be able to continue to have classes and events in the traffic light system at green and orange. This is integral for our chance to survive as a community during this time.

We hope to see you all at an event or class in the coming years.

A wonderful weekend of dance was had recently at the South Island Swing Dance Championships 2020. An event put on by Swing Riot Dunedin with attendees from all over the country. You can check out all the photos from the event on our facebook page by clicking the button below.

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