Swing Riot is run by a committee of volunteers.

A committee of volunteers, who look after everything the community does: from our weekly classes, to our annual dance festival. The committee is chosen by the membership at each Annual General Meeting.

Interested in joining the committee next year? Chat to Kieran, the committee chair, at class on a Tuesday, or get contact via the contact page.

Chairperson & Teaching Coordinator

Kieran Ford

As Chair, Kieran makes sure the executive committee is running smoothly, organises the committee meetings, and tries to keep an eye on any challenges or opportunities up ahead.

As Teaching Coordinator, Kieran organises who teaches what each month, and keeps our class programme on track.


Morgan Lieshout

The treasurer's role is to look after the community's finances - everything from noting down the cash we take each week, through to the annual financial reports and budgets.


Charlotte King

As Swing Riot secretary, Charlotte runs the administration of the community - meeting agenda, minutes, and membership lists. Charlotte is also the person you speak to when you email Swing Riot or fill out the contact us page on the website.

Large Events Coordinator / Marketing and Communications

Sibby Dillon

As well as being in charge of our marketing and communications strategy and running our social media presence, Sibby is the Large Events Coordinator. Our largest event is our annual Swing Festival, and other large events include the Karitane Blues Retreat. The Large Events Coordinator gathers a small committee of willing volunteers and leads that team to make a large event awesome.

Small events coordinator

Lorraine Johnston

The Small Events Coordinator looks after our smaller events. Alongside our monthly social dances, this also includes things like our Christmas/End of year event, and any other smaller weekend events we might host throughout the year.

General committee members

Alongside the roles described above, we also have a number of 'general committee members'. As well as taking a full and active part in executive committee meetings and decision making, general committee members often take on tasks and responsibilities that don't perhaps fall neatly into the to-do list of a specific role.

Julie Buchanan

Emma Hay

Nigel McDonald

Clare Roxburgh

Ella Robinson