Covid-19 information to stay safe

We want everyone who dances with us to feel safe in the knowledge that we are all taking our health, and the health of the community, seriously. As such, we ask everyone to agree to the following:

Covid-19 Rules

If you are feeling unwell, do not come to class.

If you are feeling a little unwell, and you’re unsure whether you should or shouldn’t come to class, then don’t come to class. Play it safe, and we’ll see you next time. You can get a refund for any class that you have paid for, and miss for health reasons.

Wash your hands.

There is hand sanitiser available as you enter the venue, and around the dance floor. Please wash your hands regularly, and especially if you sneeze, cough, or touch your face.

Sign in.

We want to make it as easy as possible to allow contact tracing if it is necessary. Please sign in as you enter the venue. We have our own QR code and a sign in sheet for those of us who don't have a smart phone. This information will be kept securely for one month, and then securely destroyed.

Bring a water bottle.

For hygiene reasons, please do not use the kitchen facilities in the venue. Instead, bring your own bottle from home.

Look after each other.

Returning to dancing will be an anxious experience for many. Be mindful of each other, and the many different experiences we have all had, and are having, in this time period. Be kind, talk to one another, and we can all enjoy returning to doing what we love to do. If you have not read the community’s code of conduct in a while, now would be a good time to do so.